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Finance and mfr cash

Just got my Clarity PHEV last weekend. Honda is doing 0.9/1.9 APR (free money) for this car right now. We also got 250 cash towards the down payment but that deal was not on the website and the finance guy didn’t even know about it at purchase. They found out when they filed the loan so we had to do new paperwork, but hey, free $250.

I’m very happy with the car so far. The cheap loan was a huge motivator for me to give up on a Model 3 purchase and get a Honda. Combine that with Honda quality and a dealer in town that is Clarity certified and it checked many of the boxes.
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Re: Finance and mfr cash

Yes I was very happy they are doing 0.9%. After the tax credit and rebate I will be collecting in the first year, that first year is very little cash impact. 8-)

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