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Tire Rotation per Maintenance Minder.

Sun Sep 20, 2020 4:21 pm

Been trying to figure out how many miles does it take for the Maintenance Minder to ask for tire rotation service. I just had the tires rotated yesterday. Service Minder said A 0 1 due @ 32706 mi. The day before roughly 42 to 45 mi prior Maintenance Minder said 11 Days until due. I've been annoyed that I lost my tire rotation receipt from the prior rotation, and then yesterday I did not even receive a paper receipt. Then I remembered I have been opting to get a receipt emailed to me. My prior prediction was 7250 mi.

Yesterday I got in to reset the TPMS after adjusting tire pressures and got a service due message for A 0 1. Changed the oil, reset A, still due. (MAYBE it wasn't due for an oil change yet). Still said Service due. Inspected a list of stuff for "0" excluding transmission fluid level (Honda ATF DW-1 FYI). Reset 0 and still due. Went to get the tires rotated 32713 and it now says service will be due in 6 months.

The raw data:

Prior rotation:

2/17/20 @ 25,565 mi


9/19/20 @ 32713 mi

Since it noted due at 32706 but I'm not sure when in my wife's drive to and from work service actually became due.

32706 - 25565 = 7141 mi

Should be around 7100 mi to 7141mi. My wife's commute is 21 mi one way per Google Maps.

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