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Weird behavior while in Hybrid mode

Sun Feb 16, 2020 6:22 am

Earlier today I embarked on a 100-110 mile roundtrip. Since this was well beyond my EV only range, I started hybrid mode as soon as I got onto the freeway and to do the climb through a canyon road. I had planned to do EV on the way down the other side of the canyon and then the segment on PCH which is relatively flat with lots of stop and go where EV is much better than burning gas while idling at stop lights.

The freeway segment was normal. But once I was on the canyon road, I experienced some strange behavior with the hybrid mode. I've done this route multiple times before without any issues. But this time, in hybrid mode it seemed to maintain velocity on EV power. But wWhen I pressed the pedal to accelerate, the gas engine revved real loud but got very little actual acceleration. It seemed as though it couldn't engage the correct gear and was in neutral. But don't these have CVTs where that wouldn't be an issue? Fortunately, since I had done hybrid to that point, I was able to switch to EV mode and drive just fine for the remainder of the trip to my far destination. Also fortunately, the problem didn't recur during my return trip, most of which was in hybrid as I had used most my EV range getting there since I couldn't use the hybrid as planned for the canyon ascent.

It never produced any error messages. It was just gutless and really loud with just the slightest press of the accelerator. Having driven the car for 2 years now, with weekly use of hybrid mode for drives beyond EV range, this was definitely not normal behavior. Of course, since it drove fine on the return trip, I bet if I take it to the dealer, they won't be able to replicate it and therefore won't identify anything wrong to fix.

Anyone have a similar experience or understand what happened? Did I somehow do something wrong? Is this something where I should be taking it in right away? Or is it likely okay to drive and see if it recurs?

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Re: Weird behavior while in Hybrid mode

Mon Feb 17, 2020 4:46 pm

I actually thought these Claritys have normal automatics. (I haven't gotten a chance to research whether I'm right or wrong yet). I forget what conditions, as my wife drives it mostly, but yes I've noticed at times the engine seems to scream foul while accelerating. Knowing I put in quality oil when I DIYed the last oil change I just continue onwards. If it gets annoying I'll let up on the accelerator pedal. It's a big car for that small 1.5 L engine. It seems to happen when forcing/selecting HV mode and the car is trying to save EV charge. (Hope this is somewhat helpful).

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