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Undocumented Music-On-USB details

Sat Aug 25, 2018 9:53 am

Greetings! Long-time computer programmer/tech, second-time EV owner (Accord Hybrid, 10-years, A/C died).

This is the wife's car, she wanted all the bells & whistles, it goes to her work daily. I get to drive it on the weekends, and I like the car. It even surprised a muscle car with snappy acceleration!

My "issue" is with the Music-on-USB: better that a bunch of CDs or DVDs... with a few undocument "bugs". Your music WILL sound great though!

Yes, I use Linux, so I carefully read the manual - no mention of file type to use. Used a new 32Gig stick. Tried NTFS, nope. EXT3/EXT4, nada. Only VFAT 32 works...strike 1.

All files are MP3s, copied from the Home Media Library. Made folders with music types, sub-folder by artist, then sub-folder by album. Expected tree structure similar to what you might see on a PC. :roll: Not really.
There are two view-modes, toggled by a smaill touch-icon. You get either "<< Folder >>" & "<< Song >>", or you get a list of folders with page-at-a-time scrolling, then see the music tracks in an unsorted list.
If the song title starts with a number, you would expect them to be sorted similar to album order. Nope, folders and songs are listed ONLY in the sequence they were copied onto the stick...strike 2.

This next one was discovered by the wife on first long drive: Some songs played fine on the home PC from the stick, but cannot be read by the Honda system. Usually indicated by a really LONG wait while reading the track, then "track unreadable" message before skipping to the next track...repeat until it finds one it likes... strike 3.

:cry: VERY DISAPPOINTING! Judging by the overall quality of the vehicle, I was expecting much better from Honda. Perhaps they got the lowest bidding contractor to write this stuff, perhaps it didn't get enough planning or testing. I definitely could write better.

Next bunch of tests will involve fresh extracts of files from the original CDs, placed on a stick one-at-a-time in album order, no extra folders. :idea: Install a USB-accessed CD Changer in the trunk? :ugeek: We shall see...

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Re: Undocumented Music-On-USB details

Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:47 am

I saw Android something or another tinkering around after updating the navigation maps just now. Since it is open source, maybe you can fix it?

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Re: Undocumented Music-On-USB details

Tue Oct 02, 2018 7:58 pm

New 32Gig USB, VFat32 formatted, 50 folders transferred one-at-a-time with at least 3 songs in each folder ( some albums only had a few great songs ).
Made sure songs worked on PC before writing to USB. Plugged into car, tried accessing last folder. No problems. Tried each previous folder, some failures with random tracks.

Tried again with another USB, *EXACT SAME ORDER ON FOLDERS & FILES*. Still geting random track failures. Hmm, bad sticks?
Now getting several different brands of 32Gig USB sticks, will report findings soonest.

Current trend: better brands have same issues as off-brands. Manufacturing defects? Data transfer issues?
Now using those first 2 sticks on home & portable players with NO ISSUES AT ALL! :x Bad ol' Honda.... ;)

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