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Making suggestions to Honda and software upgrades

Does anyone know if someone from Honda monitors this site or else how to make suggestions to Honda on software upgrades to the Clarity?

Here are several. (1) fix the charging timers and add ability to set peak and off peak timing for summer and winter; fix the mileage estimator so I do not see 948 miles of range when I am only on gas; improve the ACC operation so it works like it should; and see other issues from other users of this site.

Also, post some updates that let users know that improvements are coming and when they will be available and how they will be distributed. That would be very nice.
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Re: Making suggestions to Honda and software upgrades

HONDA needs to have a Clarity web page which lists known bugs and problems. For each problem, HONDA could indicate if a fix is in the works. A common public web page would save HONDA a lot of grief and unnecessary and duplicative communications.

HONDA needs to understand that their talk to HONDA only through a dealer model is outdated and ineffective.

Customers today expect and demand a higher level of information flow. A web page for the Clarity that all of us could check would go a long way towards improving customer relations.
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Re: Making suggestions to Honda and software upgrades

I would welcome a page like that. Bought my Clarity EV on Mar. 30th and on May 9th all dashlights lit up. I brought it to a Honda dealer and they said it’s a code without a fix but to drive it anyway, I did not and left the car with the dealer. I was concerned that if a problem came up and I couldn’t tell with all the lights on anyway it would harm the car and be my responsibility. I still don’t have my car. Honda was supposed to have a software upgrade with the fix this week but I haven’t had an update from them in 3 weeks now. I was really excited about the car and loved it. Now I’m worried about more problems down the road. I have opened a lemon law case but really just want my car and and a lifetime warranty on any issues that might come up. This software fix is not reported by Honda anywhere but they knew the issue when the dealer talked to corporate. Anyone else with this issue?
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Re: Making suggestions to Honda and software upgrades

Interesting idea on a web-page where the automaker lists all reported issues and the fix.

Does any automaker do this?

I suspect not as such a listing would cause an out-sized amount of concern and sink sales of any new model. To keep sales up, they would have to only do minor changes to models each year to limit the amount of issues that get listed. This would really hamper progress as they couldn't successfully launch completely new models.

JanetFl - Yikes! That is definitely something they need to make right. I hope you get that resolved soon. Please keep us posted as to how Honda handles this. So far, it doesn't sound good.
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HONDA "Tech Line Summary Article" HV Range Error - Re: Making suggestions to Honda and software upgrades

I see your point about a public website and possible adverse impact on new car sales; here is another possible approach. The HONDA Clarity reddit subgroup posted a link to a HONDA "Tech Line Summary Article" Fix coming for funky range estimates for the PHEV ... _the_phev/ (at the Inside EV's HONDA Clarity forum ... soon.2232/) that instructs dealers how to deal with, or talk to customers regarding the HV range issue (i.e. company PR/technical talking points). In 2018, IMHO, that approach as well as its wording is insensitive, unaware of modern communication norms, and patronizing.

Suppose by contrast, HONDA sent the following note to each owner as an email, post card, or one page letter, Honda Link App, etc. Or, better yet, to each of our center displays! (using an edited version of their own text, which is intended as comical "parity" incase someone is going to have a legal kitten over it):

Dear Valued Clarity Plug-in driver:

The HV range shown in the driver information interface reading can be unusually high (more than 1,000 miles remaining) typically, after many EV trips not using the engine.

We are aware of this issue and are actively working to correct the problem. We will notify you when the new software version becomes available.

In the mean time, the fuel gauge reading is correct and should be relied on. If the Low Fuel indicator comes on, the tank should be filled as soon as possible. Do not rely on the HV range reading.

HONDA cares, Best,

name of car company would go here, begins with "H"

Notification of the new software update could be by the same means, or text message, or how about this, on the center display of the Clarity! Indeed, the letter above could come up on the center display too, possibly instead of snail mail!

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